FAQs about ‘Guilt Trip’

Is the setting in the novel a real place?

No, but it’s all based on Yorkshire, a place close to my heart.  Whenever I’m in the UK I spend a few days there just soaking up all that fresh rugged greenness.  What can I say – some people need a mini spa break to reawaken their inner spirit – I need craggy hills and rushing streams and the heady scent of cow pats!

But though I’ve taken my inspiration from Yorkshire, none of the spots are exactly like the real thing.  I had to change them to fit my storyline.  So, for example, the Hall of Teeth is based on a similar cavern in the beautiful White Scar Cave, though I invented the dangerously high viewing platform.  The Changing Well is based on the petrifying well at Mother Shipton’s Cave; but while she is an actual historical figure, I made my ‘witch’ more of a myth, adding the tale of the changeling from my imagination.

Take a look at other places and people which inspired me:




Why Nirvana?

Why not Nirvana? They’re great. I’ve always liked them – and have very fond memories of two of my Year 8 students performing one of their songs for me as a leaving present many years ago. Thanks guys.

Plus Nirvana are legendary, famous enough for some of my readers to know already, easy to find on the Internet if you don’t. And their songs tend to explore the darker side of life’s emotions which fits my novel very well.

But it was the lyrics which did it for me: ‘Come as you are’. People have different ideas about what this song is really about, but to me it’s like getting inside Luke’s head.

Check out the unplugged version here:



Coincidentally, there is a quote by Kurt Cobain which I feel sums up Melissa’s final thoughts about Luke:

(Kurt Cobain Facebook Fan Page Images- Jyoti Desale)



Melissa remembers a poem about kittens being drowned. Is this a real poem?

Yes – it’s called ‘Early Purges’ by Seamus Heaney. I included it to add to the theme of the cruelty of nature – which obviously includes ourselves. It’s about purging or getting rid of something unwanted, so I think it fits the story really well. Try this link. But beware – it involves swearing!



Find out more:

Maggy Farrell – Author Profile

Guilt Trip



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